Thursday, May 9, 2013

I have something to share!

I have a couple of things to share with my craft family.  First and most important is I have a new grandson:)))  His name is  Braxon Levi. He was born on March 26, 2013. He is so cute, I will add some pictures here.

Here's some of Kyce and Braxon together.

They are both so sweet.  I am very blessed to have them in my life.

Now for the second thing I wanted to share with you.
In September 2012 I was told that I had cancer. I shared this with only a couple of you.  I did that because I was not sure if I was going to share it at all. Since then I have had chemo, and radiation. The original cancer was pronounced gone in Dec. 2012. Ray and I were so excited because we usually go to Elkins Resort for Christmas. We were not sure if that was going to happen and it did!! We had a beautiful Christmas! 

Some of the most wonderful things that happened during this time is my radiation Dr. is a Christian so we were always on the same page, if that makes sense. I also have a couple wonderful prayer warriors in Karen at Kaleidoscopic Sparkles, and Lisa at A Mermaids Crafts. These ladies have sent me cards, and been so close to me during this amazing experience. 

I was given a pet-scan on April 19 and the report was that there was now cancer in my lungs and my colon. I was immediately on my computer to Karen, she is a true blessing from the heart of God Himself to me! She keeps me lined up to the Word of God, reminding me Jesus is the truth and His report is the only report to believe. His report is I am healed! He is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord that heals.  Anything different from that  is a lie. 

Yesterday I had a colonoscopy (which by the way is awful) and they found NO cancer! Thank you my sweet Lord, for being faithful to Your Word.

Next week I go to the Oncologist to see what our next step is for what was on the pet-scan in my lungs. 
I choose to believe God's Word and that once again He is healing me. I have known Father God all my life and my life has always been in His hands. He has never let me down, EVER! He will not now! 

As Job said yeah they kill me I will still serve the Lord! He is and will always be on the throne of Heaven and my heart. 

I am telling you all this now because once again I will probably not be posting much.  I hope it will not be long till I once again post a card however.

I also noticed there were about ten people who stopped following me:(  That made me sad. Please do not give up on me. I will try to do better in letting you know I am still around. I do go to many blogs and snoop at what you guys are doing, even if I do not comment. For example Lisa I love the kinda different things you are doing with the delusion products. But i will tell you I love the spellbinders stuff more:)) even so you could use mud and I would love what you do,LOL! 

Well I am going to go rest now after that procedure I feel like a train ran over me!

I love you all, Hugs forever, Pam