Sunday, September 16, 2012

Did you think I was gone?

I bet you thought I was lost!  No but I have had a lot to deal with lately. I probably will not be posting much for a while. I am dealing with a pretty serious illness right now. But I wanted to at least give my followers a heads up. I will post as I am feeling good enough to do so. Right now I probably will only be writing or sharing baby pictures, and not  many cards. I hope you all understand.

So here are a couple of my favorite baby pictures, Kyce just turned 1 on August 25, he is walking, and doing some talking that you actually understand:)) These are from his birthday, he had his own cake!!  What a mess, but so fun!!

This is his big brother Reece. He's the one that bought him the hat!!  

We will talk again later, I miss you guys!

Hugs, Pam

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Camping trip #2

We are leaving today for our second planned camping trip for this summer.  I am really looking forward to the peace of the woods. I find my Father God in every tree, star, and animal we see out there. The peacefulness allows me to reflect on all the lovely, and precious in my life.

I have been very busy and not had time to visit your blogs, I am so sorry. Please forgive me:) When I get back I have to go to the doctors, for a new problem I have been having! I hate getting old!!! But I will as soon as I can post some pictures of where we camp, and Lisa wants some pictures of Kyce, so I do have a few new ones of him to share too.  He's walking now!! He will be 1 on the 25th. A year goes by so fast.

Well for the most part I have caught you up. I will see you in a week.

I love all of you so much, Pam

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Going camping!!! An Altoid tin, and of course Kyce!

I thought I would leave all my dear sweet friends a note that we are going camping this week. We will be gone 8 days. I look forward to going every year so much. This trip is the first of 3 we will be going on. This first one we are taking our granddaughter Kohlbee. Then we will be taking Reece on the next trip in August, and the last one is in September. In that one Ray and I are going alone, just him and me.

I thought I would also share another Altoids tin album with you all too. This one is still not real decorated. You guys can do a much better job then I do.  I just don't have the ability to spend long periods doing something, but I try. Well anyway, all of you have a great week, I'll check in when we get back. I love every one of you, and I will miss you loads.

Here's the tin.

I thought I would also share a picture of Kyce especially for Susan, who has adopted him. He will be walking really soon, yikes!!! I can barely keep up with him now.  He can now stand up all by himself in the middle of the room. He hasn't connected the feet moving thing yet, but not far off. This was him showing off!

Ok, I need to get some last minute stuff done, so I'll see you guys later, have a great rest of your week and week-end. I love you all.

Hugs, Pam

Friday, June 29, 2012

Thought I would share some more Reece and Myah stuff!

In my last post I shared some pictures of Reece and Myah. Their senior prom and their graduation. They are such great kids, beautiful people, and I am very proud of them both.

So I thought I would share with you the graduation cards I made them, and a bunch of 3x3 cards I made to use for whatever I need them for.

First here are the cards I made for the kids.  This first one was for Myah.

This one was for Reece. Their school colors are Red (maroon)  and silver. It doesn't show up but the hat is almost the perfect red and the tassel is silver. 

On the left side of the inside of the cards I put a pocket to give me a place to include checks for them . For some reason these were really hard for me to make. Not that the cards were hard because they were not, I don't do hard as you all know. But they were hard for me . I think it was because it brought us to a new era. My first grandchild is now grownup! Well sorta of:)) But he has maneuvered himself through his first really big challenge of life.

 I can't tell you how much I love this kid!! He is just so special. He has the sweetest heart, and he has always been so good. His little sister just turned 13 and she will give us fits I'm afraid, but Reece has been a joy since he was born. Not ever one minute of worry. That's rare for a parent to say about a child. Can you tell I love Reece?  Anyone who has ever met him loves him. He's just one of those really good people, and Myah is just as good!  I am so happy the two of them are together, they truly compliment each other.

OK well here are the 3x3 cards. These I made to have for those times when you need a little card. The little areas on the left are there to stamp thank you, or thinking of you, Hi, or anything really. Very simple cards, the envelopes were harder to do than the cards.

I hope you all have a wonderfully warm and fun week-end. Oh yeah!! Thank you all for your visits to my house (blog). I love your visits! I adore you all!!!

Hugs, Pam

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My grandson's prom and graduation!

I am so proud of my oldest grandson. He is a very special kid. His heart is as big as a mountain, he is so caring and loving, for a 18 year old boy. Most kids his age are a bit rough around the edges if you know what I mean. Reece is not like that, he's just so darn sweet. Yet he is real wise. He is very careful as to who he hangs around. His girlfriend is a doll too. She is a christian as he is, so they have a very "right" relationship. I kinda believe the two of them just may be together forever! They truly love each other.

They were crowned the King and Queen of their senior prom!!  They are both so beautiful!. Here's a few pictures of their prom night. Let me introduce Reece and Myah.

Aren't they beautiful young people:)))   They are just as beautiful inside as they are outside too! Now I will show you a couple pictures from their graduation.

I'll stop bragging now, but I had to share with all of my friends. I am just so proud of them both!

Hugs, Pam

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I tried something new!

I was watching Mary at Cardz TV and she was making a little photo gift out of an Altoids tin, so I tried to make one. I really wasn't feeling great so I did very little decorating, but it was fun. Totally out of my comfort zone for sure. Anyway I thought I would share it with you all. It's very simple, you guys could do much better, so try one! It makes a cute tuck in gift for any occasion. This one is for a friend to say thanks, and thinking of you.    Well here it is.

Try this sometime, all the pages fold into the tin. Then you add pictures and text on the pages, the pages are done on both sides so you get 12 photo mats or 6 photo and 6 journal pages.  Cute idea huh!

 I also want to thank everyone that follows my blog, you are all so special to me.

Hugs, Pam

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I have a winner!!!!

I did my drawing this afternoon for my giveaway and Amy from Love to Crop is the winner!! Here is her winning comment number 44.  
Oh yeah... OF COURSE I have your beautiful button on my sidebar too!! :) YAY!!

Thanks so much for all these chances at your generosity -- You are SO KIND, Pam!! :)

Amy :) at

Amy I  will be writing you to get your address so I can get your prize out to you next week. Congratulations! Amy has been a very loyal follower of mine since I started my blog. When you see me write and thank Amy she is one of those Amy's I am talking about. She is a wonderful crafter and a beautiful friend.

Thank you all for being such inspiring and special people in my life. You will never know how much you all bring to my life on a daily basis. 

Huge Hugs to you all, Pam

Friday, June 1, 2012

For my Blogaversary

You need to click on the purple word giveaway to find my giveaway for my Blogaversary.  Thank you so much for your visit. 
Hugs, Pam

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I GOT RAK' ed!!!

When I got up this morning it was a usual morning. I got breakfast, let my dog out, and did a few chores, very few because I can't do to much before I am in a lot of pain. Later the mail came and when I went to get it there was a box on the porch. My first thought was, did I order something and forgot I had. No! it was a box sent to me by my lovely friend Susan at Cricut and Grasshopper!  My thought was "what has she done"?

Well she sent me a beautiful box full of wonderful gifts. There was treats that are her favorites from Minnesota, and some great crafting supplies. And a special sucker for Kyce. She also made me a beautiful card. I was so touched by her kindness. The minute my husband got home I read him her letter, and showed him my gifts. He said something that is so true. That my craft friends are far more giving and caring than even most of the people we have ever met. He is right, I have some friends here on the web in this crafting community that have become such dear friends to me. These are women I have never formally met, but I have a connection with them that is beyond locations, age, or station in life. I love these women! They give my life happiness, joy, and the connection to others that I need, to feel like I am still contributing.

Susan is one of the most special of these friends. She is always there when I need her the most. I can be really low, and go to my blog, and there is a note from her. She always brings me joy, and a sense that there is someone that cares that I am here. You know what I mean, someone that doesn't have to care. My husband, children, and grandchildren care, but Susan cares too, and she doesn't have to. 

There are others besides Susan, Lisa, Amy, Pendra, Sherrie, Karen,Norma, Sonia, so many others! All of them my treasures. Each of them bring me blessings! I believe God has brought these relationships, to bring blessings to me, in these later days of my life. He is a good God! He is a good Father!

Thank you Susan for RAK'ing me!! I so appreciate your heart, and your friendship. As it should be you brought me through a rough week, again!  Oh yeah, Ray said to say thank you for the treats since I share with him. He also said he was really happy that I had you in my life.  ME TOO!!

Much love,  Pam

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kyce playing on my floor

Here is a quick post of some pictures of Kyce. I was babysitting and he was just so darn cute! He is just starting to crawl, sorta of:))  He actually scoots or drags himself, either way he is growing so fast. He also loves to eat as his big old fatty belly, and those ham hocks of thighs show! He has 3 teeth now, and is on solids for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  His adopted Nanny Susan wanted to see him, and since I adore Susan it is easy to do as she asks.

Hugs, to Susan and all the rest of my blog blends who are such marvelous blessings in my life, Pam

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Fun

I made a Easter card today and I thought I would share it with you. I'm a little tired so I will post challenges or other info a little later. But for now here's the card.

I decided to put this card in some challenges this week.

One Stop Craft Ch. 176:  Easter
Cupcake Inspirations Ch. 154:  Easter cupcakes photo
More Than Favors Ch. #68: Easter/Spring
Papercraft Star Ch. #91: Anything Goes
Cooking with Cricut Ch. #80: Easter
Krafty Girls Ch.#4: For Peep Sake!
My Craft Spot Ch. #50: Easter
Tuesday Throwdown Ch.#92: Pastels

Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Blogaversary Giveaway

I have been waiting to do this because some of my dearest friends had their blogaversaries recently and I didn't want to interfere with theirs.  I started blogging May 8, 2011.  I had been thinking about it, but didn't really know what to do. That day my oldest daughter was over and said enter a challenge, so I did, at Cardz TV with Mary.  Thus my blog was born. Because my health "stinks" I do not post like most bloggers, but my blog friends are so faithful to me anyway.

I have met some of the most wonderful people.  These women have gone through some trying times with me this past year. They all bring me such joy and comfort. Susan, Lisa, Karen, Amy Volt , Sherrie, Amy, Sabrina, Candy, Norma, Pendra, Sonia, and so many more. If I didn't actually name you,  know that I am aware of your sweet comments and encouragement.

So I put a few things together to have a giveaway.

There is a stack of double sided papers and my favorite PK stamps, 1 1/8" Simple Simon set, rub ons, buttons, embellies, stickers,  I also have another stack of designer papers about 30 sheets  I'll  be adding. Maybe a few more things as we go too.  Some surprises maybe:)  

What you need to do is:

1. Be a follower, or become one, and leave a comment on this post to tell me that.

2. Post my button on your sidebar of the gray haired oldies dancing, and leave another comment.

3. Mention my giveaway in one of your posts, with a link back to me, and leave me another comment.

4. Follow me by Linky, and leave another comment.

5. Post a picture of the giveaway on your sidebar with a link back here, and leave a comment.

6. I changed something on my blog, if you want to guess, leave me a comment on what you think the change is, for an extra entry, this one is just for fun!

That's 6 ways to enter. I will leave this open until June 1st. Then with I'll pick a winner, that  week.

I want to tell every single one of you how mush you all mean to me. My life would not be as fulfilled as it is without you my friends, my Blends!  I adore you all.

Big, big hugs, Pam !!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Got a Bug?

Today my daughter called and told me my granddaughter has pink eye!  How she got it no one seems to know. Probably from school, but who knows. She went to the DR. this morning so she is being treated. It still kinda freaks me out because of Kyce and Reece getting it too.  Or Jacquie God forbid, since she is a Kindergarten teacher with 50 kiddos.

Well I put a really quick and simple card together to give Kohlbee. Thought I would share it with you guys. She is a bug person. Since she has been very little, like 2 or 3 she loves bugs. She has books, ant farms, cages, all kinds of stuff to catch bugs so she can "study" them.  She will like this card, and not just because her Nanny made it.

If you think of her and her siblings, please say a little prayer of healing for her and protection for them.

Here's the card, I hope you like it.    Hugs, to all of you, and have a wonderful week-end.   Your Blend, Pam

Saturday, March 10, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Everyone sit down so you don't  fall down!! Yes Pam is posting twice in one week!! I thought I would post a St. Patrick's Day card. I love this little guy, with his orange hair. You can't really tell but he is on an action wobble, so he dances:))

The picture is a little distorted so I apologize for my lack of picture taking skills. I am just so proud of myself to have been able to post twice this week.  Well here is my leprechaun. Susan asked me where my little man comes from, it's the Simply Charmed cart.  I love this cartridge!

I found a few challenges to put this in.  In DL.ART you had to use a sentence from the history of St. Patrick, I used : St. Patrick's Day has come to be associated with everything Irish: anything green and gold, shamrocks and luck.

Scrappy Moms Stamps: St. Patrick's Day
Krafty Girls  Ch. #2:  Feelin' Lucky
Papercraft Star Ch. #87: Lucky St. Patrick's Day!
DL.ART Thankful Thursday: St. Patrick's Day  
Sentimental Sundays Ch.# 93: Go Green or Recycle
Cupcake Inspirations: Picture of Irish Cupcakes
Pile it On Ch. #11: St. Patrick's Day or Shades of Green

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Flowers

I made a card the other day.  I wasn't going to post it but I decided to go ahead and share it. I'm not real sure how much I like it.  It was actually fun to do, but it kinda got away from me I think. Any who here it is.

I may put this in a challenge but not tonight, I am a little out of sorts, so bed is coming soon.
I hope you like this card.  

Hugs to all of my dear, special "Blends"!

I found some challenges yeah!

Paper Playtime Ch.#69: Delicious Die Cuts with Flowers!
Tuesday Throwdown Ch. #88: "New Life"
Love To Crop:  Spring Fling!!
Crazy for Challenges #127: Spring is in the air!
Stamp,Scrap & Doodle:  Fancy Fold

Sunday, February 26, 2012

                  The Green Blend Award

This is a  sweet award that I received from my blogger friend  Lisa  from A Mermaids Crafts, am so honored that she thought of me and so happy to receive it. Thank you so much Lisa, this is so sweet! You are an amazing and wonderful friend. Go visit her blog she is such a creative and gifted crafter, you will be blessed.  I also just  received this from Karen at Kaleidoscopic Sparkles. She is also a wonderful crafter and very special friend. She is so sweet and loving, always there when you need her. She is an amazing copic artist!   Be sure to visit her too. I also received it from Amy at Amy's Crafting Space, yeah! Amy is amazing, she posts something new for all to enjoy almost everyday. She's a great card maker, but she also does home decor wonderfully. Please go visit her, you will be happy you did.   My dear sweet friend, and blessing  Susan at Cricut and Grasshopper  has also passed this to me!  She is such a wonderful and special friend. She is a very gifted crafter. She has an amazing ability. Be sure to visit her too:)

Here are the terms under which this 'Green Blend Award" are to be given.

1.) This award is for any co-blogging friend who has helped your blog in any and all ways.

2.) This award is for any co-blogging friend who has cheered you along in your blog building, craft advancing career.

3.) This award is for any co-blogging friend who always stops by and is kind to you. you can count on them to always be one of the great comments at the end of your posts.

4.) This award is to be given to 3 to 5 Blends whom you feel meet the listed requirements.

5.) Create a post with the terms of use and publish your Blends of Choice.

6.) Blend of choice may copy the award from your blog and proudly post it on theirs.

7.) Blend of choice may continue the kindness by issuing this award to keep the circle forever growing.

The ladies I am going to pass this award to are some of the most creative crafters in blog land. Each of them put me to shame. Yet they are friends of mine! I am so blessed to have these women in my life. They not only inspire me as far as my crafting goes, they keep me interested in continuing to craft period. I have had a really rough past year, and I have debilitating health issues I deal with daily. So posting often doesn't  happen here, yet these ladies are always here for me, even just to say hi, and leave a uplifting comment of encouragement, and care. I have never met any of them in person, but I tell you this, they are surly friends, Blends!! Please visit each of them, follow them if you do not already, and expect to be blessed by them all.

Because Karen, Amy and Susan also passed this award to me I am going to increase  the number of ladies I send this to.

To each of my Blends, you are each so special to me.  You have all touched my heart and my life in a way that has brought peace, joy, and friendship to me.  I am so happy to call you all "Blends".

I am passing this award to the following blogs:

1. Lisa at A Mermaids Crafts    Even though Lisa gave this to me, I cannot or will not leave her off my list:) Lisa is the kind of friend we all need in our lives. She is so creative and gifted and so willing to share herself. She brings such joy to me every time she comes to my blog( house) for a visit.  Her friendship is as special as her creations!  She is a wonderful person!

2. Susan at Cricut and Grasshopper     Susan is as sweet a friend as I have ever had!  She is very gifted as a crafter, and card maker. More importantly she is a loyal and truly great  friend. She has the most wonderful sense of humor! She brings laughter to my life when all seems so grim. She helps my life become "lighter".

3. Amy at Love to Crop      Amy was one of the first ladies to show me kindness and friendship and is still my friend to this day. The things Amy can do with a glass bottle is amazing! Her exploding boxes are incredible too, and her cards are wonderful. She shares her knowledge with anyone in need. She has a huge heart!

4. Karen at Kaleidoscopic Sparkles    Karen is a special  lady that seems to sense when I need a word of encouragement and she never fails to bring me up out of any funk I may be in. Her copic skills are to die for! When you visit her, take the time to always read her backstory, you will be blessed by her amazing heart.

5. Amy at Amy's Crafting Space   Amy is a special friend from almost the first day I starting blogging. I post and she is there within the hour to leave me a wonderful and encouraging comment. She too is a gifted crafter. She is very prolific, she posts her creations almost daily, lots of inspiration for all!

6. Sherrie at Sherrie Scraps with passion    Sherrie is a really talented crafter, she posts almost daily with great projects! She is also very sweet and generous with her encouraging comments. Sherrie almost always uses a cricut cut on her projects which I love. She also gives great instructions, and sizes, so we newbies can learn from her. She does great party decorations too! She can do it all:))

7. Candy at Candy's Craft Corner    Candy is another great crafter!  She makes amazing projects. She has only had her blog about a year and it is one of the most inspiring blogs out there, in my opinion. Candy is another gifted crafter that posts almost everyday with such wonderful inspiration. She is just a really sweet person. Be sure to visit her blog, you will be so happy you did.

8. Sabrina at Scrappin' with Sabrina    Sabrina once again is an awesome and talented crafter. She is also one of the sweetest people I have met here in blog land. She not only makes beautiful cards, but home deco items, party themed items, you name it and Sabrina can craft it!

I am sure many of you know these very special ladies, but if you do not, please give yourself a present and go to their blogs, and follow them.  Your life will be blessed by each of them, I promise.

Big hugs, to my "blends" here, but also to so many others I could have listed. I have a lot of very special friends here on the web.  Each so wonderful, creative, and loving women. Each I treasure!   Pam

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A few new pictures of Kyce per request!

Some of my dear friends have asked about Kyce. He is getting so big!! He is an excellent eater:))) He loves to cuddle, sit on your lap, and talk or laugh with you.  He is a really good baby. Very seldom does he cry, but he does get cranky if he is hungry. He sucks his fingers! His mom sucked her thumb, I find it so sweet:)

Jacquie brought him over this afternoon so I took some pictures. He is just so darn cute!!  And his Nanny sure loves him.  In the pictures if you look over his shoulder there is a picture of the rest of my family, they had this picture taken for me as a Christmas gift.  They did it this way because my daughters are (natural) blonds, with blue eyes, and fair skin, and I am half Spanish, so this is a picture of  my Spanish family! Ha-Ha!!The grand-kids at least are darker, with brown eyes, and dark hair like their Nanny, well when I was young, my hair is gray now:)  Hope you enjoy a little piece of me.

 Hugs, Pam

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Valentine's Day Card!

Well can you believe it?  I actually made another card, yeah:))  This one is for Valentine's Day!  I have a couple more ideas in my head, so I hope I will be able to get to them this week.  But for now I am grateful to have been able to do this one. It's prettier in person. I am sorry I didn't  take a very good picture.

I am going to enter the card in these challenges:

More Than Favors-Wacky Wednesday #64: Love
Cardz TV Cricut Cardz Ch. #101: Be My Valentine
My Craft Spot Ch. #43: Valentine's Day
Fantabulous Cricut Ch. #97: Love is in the Air
Paper Playtime Ch. #67: Hearts or Love Theme

Monday, January 30, 2012

Cards!! Wow who knew!

I am posting a card I made this week. It has been so long I think I may have forgotten how to do this:)))  I may put it in a challenge, but maybe not.  I just feel great about actually being able to make something again and getting it posted.

Thank you all who still came and payed me a visit, I so appreciate all of you. I have recovered from having to get the pacemaker for the most part, but it all kinda kicked me hard.  You guys have all been so helpful in my recovery by always being there.

So here is the card for today. I really love the papers and colors, I have had them for a long time and never used them before.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like this card, it represents how I feel!  God always has a different view than the one we have, in the circumstances we might find ourselves in. We just need to look for it! ( I'm still here and I just made a new card:))))

Hugs to all of you, Pam

The challenges I am entering:

Stamp,Scrap,&Doodle:  Anything Goes
Party Playtime: Anything Goes
My Craft Spot: Anything goes
Whimsical Designs: Can be anything, but must use
something you have had for awhile.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Priest Lake at Christmas!

I am posting a few pictures tonight so I am not making you all wait forever. I will put up even more later.

The beautiful dog in the pictures is our boy Dallas. He is the most loving and sweet dog I have ever been around. He loves the snow! He had as good a time as we did.  This was a peaceful time for Ray and me. I really needed the down time.  We had our Christmas with the kids on Friday, which was wonderful. Then we went to Priest Lake early the next morning. It was a beautiful time.