Sunday, September 16, 2012

Did you think I was gone?

I bet you thought I was lost!  No but I have had a lot to deal with lately. I probably will not be posting much for a while. I am dealing with a pretty serious illness right now. But I wanted to at least give my followers a heads up. I will post as I am feeling good enough to do so. Right now I probably will only be writing or sharing baby pictures, and not  many cards. I hope you all understand.

So here are a couple of my favorite baby pictures, Kyce just turned 1 on August 25, he is walking, and doing some talking that you actually understand:)) These are from his birthday, he had his own cake!!  What a mess, but so fun!!

This is his big brother Reece. He's the one that bought him the hat!!  

We will talk again later, I miss you guys!

Hugs, Pam


  1. My sweetest sister in Christ, you already know how much I love you and how firmly I believe that you are healed even as we speak. :o) Your faith will be rewarded, my dear Pam. God's loving, healing power is flowing through your entire body and I cannot wait to see your deliverance! :o)

    These pictures are absolutely adorable! Just look at the love and joy shining from Kyce's eyes! He is so blessed to have the best family ever.. which of course means YOU! :o) God and I love you bunches, as do Kyce and all of your lovely bloggie friends.. I am so proud of you and know you are growing stronger every single day, spiritually and physically. :o) God loves you!

    Hugs and blessings!

  2. What an adorable baby! Pam the important thing is you get well
    Hugs and Prayers

  3. My dear, sweet friend, these pictures are absolutely adorable!! I can't believe how fast he is growing!! I love the hat Reece bought him!! And how cute he got his own cake...and it looks like he loved it!! I just want to reach through my computer screen and hug him and ruffle that curly hair!! Thanks so much for posting these for us to enjoy :) Huge hugs!! Constant prayers!! Love you!!

    Lisa :)
    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Hey Chicky!!
    Guess who??

    I can NOT believe how big our Kyce is! Gesh, he grew so big wayyy too fast! But just look at that smile! Oh it melts the heart! Such a beautiful boy! Oh, I'm sorry, I mean handsome! Please give him big hugs from me! And give yourself a big hug from me...{{{hugs}}}.

    I finally got my behind on my blog. I really need to clean it up, it's so dusty from being away from it. I am now going to read all the posts I've missed but I want you to know I'm thinking of you every single day and keeping you in my prayers! Oh, and congrats on the may I have Kyce? lol ;)

    Take care my friend!

  5. OMG! I had to add one more thing! I LOVE the SUPERMAN Kyce picture!!!!!! LOVE IT!! LOL! He looks like he really is trying to fly! He's such an awesome boy!!

  6. Kyce is just too adorable!!! Don't worry about anything other than caring for yourself and getting well, my friend!

  7. Hi Pam,
    I am sorry to hear you have been not feeling so well. I pray that you get back to feeling better soon.. I am sorry its been a while since I have visited, life has been busy in my neck of the woods. Everything is good, just busy! Your little Grandson is just precious! I can't believe he is one already. My little Granddaughter Arya will be one in about a month..where does the time go?

    You take care and please know I am thinking of you and hope your better real soon!
    Sherrie K


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Hugs, Pam