Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Going camping!!! An Altoid tin, and of course Kyce!

I thought I would leave all my dear sweet friends a note that we are going camping this week. We will be gone 8 days. I look forward to going every year so much. This trip is the first of 3 we will be going on. This first one we are taking our granddaughter Kohlbee. Then we will be taking Reece on the next trip in August, and the last one is in September. In that one Ray and I are going alone, just him and me.

I thought I would also share another Altoids tin album with you all too. This one is still not real decorated. You guys can do a much better job then I do.  I just don't have the ability to spend long periods doing something, but I try. Well anyway, all of you have a great week, I'll check in when we get back. I love every one of you, and I will miss you loads.

Here's the tin.

I thought I would also share a picture of Kyce especially for Susan, who has adopted him. He will be walking really soon, yikes!!! I can barely keep up with him now.  He can now stand up all by himself in the middle of the room. He hasn't connected the feet moving thing yet, but not far off. This was him showing off!

Ok, I need to get some last minute stuff done, so I'll see you guys later, have a great rest of your week and week-end. I love you all.

Hugs, Pam