Saturday, July 9, 2011

Best Friend Blogger Award!

I received a new award from a wonderful blog friend. Sonia at Cards, Crafts and Kids Projects. Sonia is absolutely amazing. Your jaw will drop when you see the things she does. Stroll around her blog and be amazed.

To except the award I am supposed to tell you something about myself.  Share with you who gave it to me, and provide a link to her blog.  Then pass it on to at least 5 friends. If you follow my blog you know I have an amazing husband. For Christmas he wrote me a book of prose. He has also composed a couple of CD's  of beautiful music, which he wrote, played, and sang entirely himself. Now this is what you need to know about me... I picked him!!!!!!!!   If you still want to know more about me go here.

Here is what this sweet award looks like.

Now I would love to pass this on to some of my  friends in this big blog world. The list is in no special order.  Every one of these beautiful ladies have very special blogs. They are all so gifted and creative. Please go over and see them all, leave them a comment, and maybe even follow them. Don't forget to go see Sonia too. Hugs to you all,  Pam

Sarah  @ Crafting with Sarah
Amy   @ Redheaded Crafter
Amber@ My 3 E Scrapbooking
Jenni   @My Lollipop Garden
Tammy@The Purple Muse


  1. Thank you, Pam! How super sweet of you. I am so flattered and honored. You are a very blessed wife to have such a talented husband. I am on my way to check out Sonia's blog. Have a wonderful weekend:-)


  2. Pam, congtatulations on this fun award! You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful husband with such talent! I am heading over to learn more about you here in a minute. I also need to go over and check out everyone my dear friend Sonia has shared her awards with. She has a real eye for talent! Thank you so much for sharing this with me! It really made my night! I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work!
    Amber :)

  3. Hi Pam, congrats on the award my friend, you deserve it. ~Shen

  4. Congratulations, Pam! :o) Your super sweet self deserves every happy award possible! :o) I love that you have such a caring, devoted husband... your beautiful soul should have nothing less. It's beyond lovely that two creative and talented spirits are united as one. What an incredible gift he is and what gorgeous gifts he's given you. :o)

    Hugs and blessings! :o)

  5. Congratulations Pam on your award- you really are a BFB and deserve it! :)Amy

  6. Pam Thank You for writing such kind words about me!

  7. Pam, I feel so honored!!! Thank you so much for thinking of me! Your blog is also amazing, and it sounds like your husband is too! :) Thank you again for passing this award to me, and I will definitely be passing it along to some other awesome crafters! :)

  8. Thank you each and every one of you. Each of you bring me joy every time I see you have come for a visit. You are all so different yet all so the same. You are all beautiful, caring, lovely, talented,and gifted ladies. I am so happy you are in my life. Hugs, Pam


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