Thursday, May 10, 2012

I GOT RAK' ed!!!

When I got up this morning it was a usual morning. I got breakfast, let my dog out, and did a few chores, very few because I can't do to much before I am in a lot of pain. Later the mail came and when I went to get it there was a box on the porch. My first thought was, did I order something and forgot I had. No! it was a box sent to me by my lovely friend Susan at Cricut and Grasshopper!  My thought was "what has she done"?

Well she sent me a beautiful box full of wonderful gifts. There was treats that are her favorites from Minnesota, and some great crafting supplies. And a special sucker for Kyce. She also made me a beautiful card. I was so touched by her kindness. The minute my husband got home I read him her letter, and showed him my gifts. He said something that is so true. That my craft friends are far more giving and caring than even most of the people we have ever met. He is right, I have some friends here on the web in this crafting community that have become such dear friends to me. These are women I have never formally met, but I have a connection with them that is beyond locations, age, or station in life. I love these women! They give my life happiness, joy, and the connection to others that I need, to feel like I am still contributing.

Susan is one of the most special of these friends. She is always there when I need her the most. I can be really low, and go to my blog, and there is a note from her. She always brings me joy, and a sense that there is someone that cares that I am here. You know what I mean, someone that doesn't have to care. My husband, children, and grandchildren care, but Susan cares too, and she doesn't have to. 

There are others besides Susan, Lisa, Amy, Pendra, Sherrie, Karen,Norma, Sonia, so many others! All of them my treasures. Each of them bring me blessings! I believe God has brought these relationships, to bring blessings to me, in these later days of my life. He is a good God! He is a good Father!

Thank you Susan for RAK'ing me!! I so appreciate your heart, and your friendship. As it should be you brought me through a rough week, again!  Oh yeah, Ray said to say thank you for the treats since I share with him. He also said he was really happy that I had you in my life.  ME TOO!!

Much love,  Pam