Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thank You Amy:)

Let me tell you a story about an amazing Lady :))))

There was a crafter who had just started out in this big blog world. She spent many days trying to figure out how to scratch out her place in this vast new world she had decided to explore. There was trial and errors, blog backgrounds, and on and on and on!

Yes it's true this crafter is me! A truly inexperienced computer user. Up till a few weeks ago my computer usage was to read emails from my family, and browsing the blogs of very talented ladies who make beautiful things. A  couple of weeks ago I decided to post my first card. Starting a new adventure for me. I can not be as prolific in my card making as I truly would love to be. But I do my best. When I actually got some followers I thought every one has a blog button. I set out to find information that  would help me make my button.

My button has a lot of meaning behind it. My husband wrote me a book of prose for Christmas. He is a musician and I use to dance. So this book was his way of telling me he still sees his dancer when he looks at me. Which means so much to me, because, I can barely walk now, I certainly don't dance anymore.  He used this picture, which represents him and me, to illustrate one of the poems he wrote me. He titled the book "The Dance".

I thought I had found the information I needed, and I posted my button. Not knowing if it worked, or if indeed anyone would even take it. Then a couple of days ago, there was a comment from Amy. Amy has a couple of blogs.  Love to Crop  and  the other is  Decorate to Celebrate.  She told me my button had a broken code, but that she had fixed it for me. She gave me her email and we began to talk.

During this exchange she offered to fix it or even change it, if I wanted her to. I was so blessed by her offer. I told her the story of the picture and, she agreed it needed to be that picture. She took it added a border, my blog name and then added  "Dance". It was perfect!! Now I have a beautiful button, that works awesome! looks awesome! is awesome!

All because of a sweet stranger that now I call friend. Her light is so bright. Her heart is big. She has taught me this community of crafters is awesome. A group of loving, caring people. I am so happy to be apart of all of you.  She is not the only precious lady who has helped me. Another Amy in fact, helped me figure out how to put a blog award she gave me up on my blog.  Both of these ladies are very special, kind hearted and giving women. I have met many, many caring women since this adventure started.

Thank you all  for helping a new member of this community. I feel very welcomed, and blessed to have met you. I do call you friends.  When you look at my button, which is beautiful,  remember a wonderfully sweet and talented lady named Amy:)


  1. Oh gosh, Pam... my dear friend. You are such a lovely person and that has shown since the very first time our paths crossed. You are such a blessing to so many people and it fills my heart with joy that you in turn were blessed. :o) Your button is gorgeous and the accompany story is so touching. I'm so happy to know the meaning. Always remember you are a gorgeous treasure.

    Hugs and blessings! :o)

  2. Hi Pam, that is such a touching too amazes me how super nice people can be that are perfect strangers. When I first started my blog, it was a complete disaster and I was about to give up blogging just a month or so ago when GOD stepped in and sent the most amazing people over. I am so grateful. Your button is just as beautiful as you. I am so very grateful to have met you and I love coming over to visit, you are such an amazing person. hugs, ~Shen

  3. Dear Pam your story is so touching. It is so true how we can feel close to crafters from across the continent . Our crafting community in blog world is a very special place indeed and its so nice to see one more follower, one more comment, find new inspiration and let your worries go for just those few moments!!
    Love from India

  4. Such a beautiful story! Amy is wonderful and is a blessing to us all!

  5. Pam this is a wonderful story! Amy is very nice and her blog is amazing! The crafting world is so full of very nice and helpful people... I'm so glad I created a blog and was able to meet you and so many others! :)

  6. Pam, thank you SO much for that sweet message on my blog... I had to come back here to give you another hug. **massive sparkly hugs** You are lovely in every way and it is an honor to be blog pals with you. I can't even imagine this journey without you. :o) Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with us in every creation. You are truly wonderful.

    Hugs and blessings! :o)

  7. What a sweet story. I think I need Amy-- She has helped me with a few things also. I don't have a button and I don't know where to begin. Someone asked me for my button the other day. What do I do now - Maybe I should ask Amy?

    I love that your DH wrote you a book how sweet is that.

  8. I think Amy is going to get a lot of messages after this post! All of us "newbie" bloggers need someone to help us all out! Great story and love your button!
    ♥ Laura ♥

  9. Pam, I don't know how I missed this post, but I did...I love this whole story and Amy is indeed very sweet and kind as you are! You have always given me encouragement and said the nicest things that I am proud to be your blog buddy- which is why I gave you the "blog award". Thank you for being such a good friend! :)Amy

  10. Such a sweet, sweet friend you truly are, Pam... I've been 'off the map' for three days now -- No internet, no blog, no crafting... How I've been missing everyone!! So here I've been all evening -- Scrambling around trying to 'catch up' on all my favorite people... I missed a few things in these 3 days!!

    This is just the absolute sweetest post, and I am so truly honored to be a part of it -- And to see that so many people have responded so kindly to you -- I am a firm believer that you attract others who are like you in spirit... Your kindness is like a magnet to others -- People will gather near to you just to share a little of your sunshine!!

    I look forward to many more 'chats' with you...

    Amy :) at


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